Friday 22 September 2017

FIA WEC: FIA World Motor Sport Council confirms 2018/2019 schedule

Yesterday, the FIA held its latest World Motor Sport Council in Paris and confirmed the 2018/2019 schedule for the FIA World Endurance Championship. No real suprises there compared to the earlier announced schedule, with the addition of Silverstone, except the confirmation that the race at Sebring will be a "1500 mile" race instead of 12 hours (although 1500 miles will take the drivers about 12 hours to complete). 

Picture; Erik Junius/

The World Motor Sport Council also offered its full support for the FIA Endurance Commission in its efforts to further strengthen and promote the FIA World Endurance Championship; one of the FIA’s most important assets.

The unique and extended provisional calendar spanning both 2018 and 2019 for the FIA World Endurance Championship has now been confirmed as follows:

5 May, 2018: WEC 6 Hours of Spa (Belgium)
16-17 June, 2018: 24 Hours of Le Mans (France)
19 August, 2018: 6 Hours of Silverstone (United Kingdom)
21 October, 2018: 6 Hours of Fuji (Japan)
18 November, 2018: 6 Hours of Shanghai (China)
16-17 March, 2019: 1500 Miles of Sebring (USA)
4 May, 2019: WEC 6 Hours of Spa (Belgium)
15-16 June, 2019: 24 Hours of Le Mans (France)

The FIA Endurance Commission was also encouraged to pursue a number of exciting and innovative proposals that it is currently working on, with the aim of enticing new manufacturers to the Championship.

The World Motor Sport Council also agreed to a number of Technical Regulation amendments for 2018 and 2019.
From 2018, incorporation of the LMP1 Non-Hybrid cars into a single classification with the LMP1 Hybrid cars (while maintaining the current specific technical regulations).

  • It is proposed to equalise the lap performances of the best LMP1 Non-Hybrid and Hybrid cars by adjusting the instantaneous fuel flow and fuel consumption per lap for the Non-Hybrid cars. A fuel range advantage for Hybrid cars (one extra lap at Le Mans) will be enforced.
  • A technological coefficient between naturally aspirated engines and turbo engines will be implemented in order to open up the field of possible engines for LMP1 Non-Hybrid cars.
  • From 2019, a ban on fluidic switches and energy brought to the general aerodynamics of the car – this is in anticipation of potential complex and expensive developments in this area.

Kristof Vermeulen.