Friday 16 June 2017

Le Mans / WEC 2020 Regulations and other announcements at ACO press conference.

At the ACO press conference this morning the president of the ACO Pierre Fillon announced the outline of regulations for 2020 and the 4 years beyond. 

The main areas were safety, cost reduction and emissions. The space available for the driver will be increased and extra space will be allowed in front, above and to the side. Performance and cost will be controlled with one body aero design allowed for the whole year, but with more adjustment allowed for vents and wings front and rear. The angle that the driver sits will go from 35 degrees to 55 degrees. This will inevitably make the roof height of LMP1 prototypes higher. 'Plug in' hybrid systems will be introduced where the hybrid storage will be recharged at pit stops in addition to conventional fuel. Once recharged the car will be obliged to run on full electric power for at least one kilometre (at Le Mans from the exit of the pitlane up to the entry of the esses). The ACO is also working on how to let the cars cross the finishline on electrical power.

The other announcements were the honouring of Sir David Richards with the title 'Spirit of Le Mans', the Grand Marshal for 2017 will be Mark Webber, and F1 boss Chase Carey will be the official starter of the 85th 24 hours.

Dave Davies
Pictures: Kristof Vermeulen