Saturday 15 April 2017

FIA WEC 2017 - DUNLOP have been busy over the winter!

Dunlop have been the tyre of choice in LMP2 for the last couple of seasons and for 2017 all the LMP2 cars are running on Dunlop. They have designed an entirely new range of tyres for both LMP2 and GT. At Silverstone 14 of the 28 cars taking part will be running on Dunlop rubber.

In LMP2 nine cars are using the Oreca chassis built to 2017 specification the rest are running to 2016 specification. These cars have around 100 bhp more than last year and Dunlop have come up with a ‘medium’ and ‘medium plus’ compound to cope with this. Also worth considering is the fact that the new generation of LMP2 machinery have managed to find 40% more downforce as well as 10% less drag. Last year’s Rebellion LMP1 cars ran on Dunlop tyres and much of the data obtained from these tyres has been used to develop this year’s rubber.

They have also been busy in LMGTE. After a slightly wobbly start last year with Aston Martin were double title winners by the end of 2016. In 2017 the two Aston Martin Vantages are running a similar driver line up to last year with the inclusion of Daniel Serra and Richie Stanway. The new regulations have reduced the number of tyres that a team can use over the race weekend which means they will need to run longer stints and of course the tyres will  need to last longer as well. There is now pressure on the drivers not to over drive the cars or lock up wheels!

In LMGTAM car numbers #77 (Porsche) #86 (Porsche) and #98 ( Aston Martin) have joined forces with Dunlop . Different tyres have been developed to match the various chassis.

The Club Arnage team who were at Monza noticed that there were a heck of a lot of Dunlop Trucks in attendance.. we see why now !