Sunday 12 June 2016

24 Hours of Le Mans 2016 - Scrutineering starts this afternoon in Le Mans

This afternoon, the build up to the Le Mans 24 Hours really starts with scrutineering getting underway at the Place de la République in the centre of Le Mans. 

Today and tomorrow, all 60 cars and 180 drivers will make their appearance on the square for adminstrative checks and scrutineering to check if they all comply to the regulations. The whole scrutineering process goes over 3 stations. At the first station, all dimensions of the cars are being measured and the cars get weighed. At the second station, the underbody of the cars is being checked. The third and final station will go over all safety equipment, fuel tank and engine oil recuperation tank as well as the conformity of some key elements like the adhesives and timing devices. Overall it takes about 50 minutes to an hour to get every car thoroughly inspected. 

While the cars are being checked, the drivers also have to go through several adminstrative checks during which their driver suits, helmets, licences and all their equipment is being checked. The drivers are also being weighed to define the average weight of the driver line-up. 

When all this is done, drivers and car(s) reassemble in the photo zone where the classic team pictures will be taken before the cars head back to the track. 

Scrutineering is one of those moments when the fans can get really close to the cars and drivers. The can follow the whole process on free grandstands and two giant screens around the area. In the interview zone, all drivers will be questioned about their car and prospects for the race next week. 

First in line this afternoon is the #22 So24! by Lombard Racing Ligier JSP2/Judd, immediately followed by both Porsche 919 Hybrids. Other cars to look out for this afternoon are bot Toyota's and all 4 Ford GT's. The Murphy Prototypes Oreca03R is the final car for this afternoon, which expected 
at 17.30h. 

Scrutineering and administrative checks continue tomorrow all day, starting at 09.30 with the last car scheduled at 16.40h. The Hybrid LMP1's will have an additional scrutineering on Tuesday at the track to check the enigines and hybrid systems and the safety of all hybrid technology aboard.

Kristof Vermeulen.