Monday 13 June 2016

24 Hours of Le Mans 2016 - Le Mans seems to be filling up fast !

Looking at the official Le Mans website they tell us that it seems all the camping areas have sold out, all the grandstand seats have been sold and all the parking areas are sold out. This may be quite normal but it looks like yet another bumper Le Mans 24hrs.

We couldn’t possibly argue with this but while parking might be tricky as this is a huge circuit with any number of superb spectating points. One to have a think about would be the reprofiled area around Arnage. The circuit is unchanged but the viewing areas are much improved and safer.

We occasionally have to admit that we have a spot of bother navigating around the various sites that cover Le Mans. Despite being a bit crowded it is possibly worth looking at the official Le Mans website.  It is a very ‘busy’ site packed with information.

There is also an app that appears to have a lot of free information on it; The ACO have launched the "24 on site" app. This is available for free in the App store and on Google play. The app contains loads of information and a special tool to accompany spectators as they find their way round the circuit and discover the Le Mans 24 Hours.

Getting to know the Le Mans 24 Hours and discovering the event isn’t all that simple when one is a newcomer to the world of endurance. The race and the many activities for the general public organised around it such as the fun fair, the three big concert evenings and themed exhibitions, are only the most visible part of what actually goes on. Thus, the ACO decided to implement new programmes, and to personalise the welcome with this new application, while making it easier to obtain information and give the keys guaranteeing the discovery of the event in better conditions to the ever-increasing number of visitors. Discover the race, the jobs that go with it, its regulations, its history and the key points at the circuit. Get your bearings thanks to an interactive map indicating restaurants, car parks, grandstands, first aid posts, giant screens, shuttle stops, pedestrian access and boutiques. Discover all the not-to-be-missed mythic strategic spots at the circuit (Les Hunaudi√®res straight, the Mulsanne corner, the Dunlop curve, etc.).

The app can be downloaded on the app store and on Google play.