Friday 10 April 2015

The Curse of The WEC Guide compiler !

All race goers will be familiar with the well known 'Curse of The Commentator' syndrome. This is where the commentator reports glowingly on the progress of some hero who then promptly throws the car off into the boondocks. Here at Silverstone for the WEC we have a couple of fine examples of The Curse of The WEC Guide Compiler. Top of the billing is the headline "Will Nissan be the start attraction? Well, they  might have been if the car was here and ready to race but it isn't. Nissan have had a torrid build up to the 2015 season and with Le Mans not far around the corner they have a tough challenge on their hands. It is all very well thinking outside the box with front wheel engine, front wheel drive, internal aerodynamic flow, skinny front tyres, fat rear tyres and so on. Plus a failed crash test to add to their woes.  We must welcome innovation but a car would be nice.

We have always been huge fans of Rebellion so the headline "Will we feel the force of Rebellion?" got the juices flowing. They are not here either alas. The challenge here was changing their engine supplier from Toyota to AER rather late in the day. The new set up is not 'hybrid' so Rebellion carry on with their 'conventional' set up. We will watch out for #4 Team ByKolles CLM P1/01 which uses much the same power plant.

" A Winning Debut for Sard Morand?" Nope they were not ready and won't be here either!