Saturday 11 April 2015

Mine's quicker than yours

Some interesting and maybe telling statistics from free practice regarding top speeds achieved so far at this meeting.

#18 Porsche     Marc Lieb          302.5 km/h
#17 Porsche     Mark Webber        300.8 km/h
#1 Toyota       Kazuki Nakajima    284.2 km/h
#2 Toyota       Mike Conway        281.2 km/h
#7 Audi         Andre Lotterer     279.1 km/h
#4 CLM P1/01    Vitantonio Luizzi  277.6 km/h
#8 Audi         Loic Duval         277.6 km/h

So we have slightly dodgy proof that this year Porsche have certainly found some pace and if they translate that advantage over six hours it could be significant. This might concern the others, except maybe Audi who, for all we know might have been fuelled up and in race trim. It must be exciting news for CLM who now know that if they can sort out corners and braking they could be on the pace.