Friday 1 May 2015

Lights Camera Action Part Trois!

There will be broken hearts and moist hankies throughout TV land.. it seems that, much to his surprise Dempsey has found himself written out of 'Grey's Anatomy'. His character, Dr Derek Shepherd- AKA Dr McDreamy- (sounds like something off a McDonalds menu) has bowed-out of the medical drama in a dramatic sequence where fans saw Dr Shepherd's car being hit by a truck just minutes after he had heroically saved four victims from another car accident.. bit of a bummer eh? He then went on to die of his injuries. This will no doubt wound his wallet but the good news is that it will leave him more time ( but maybe less money) to go racing. On top of all this his has just sold his bijou Malibu 'bolt hole' for $14.5 million and is divorcing his real life wife.

if you reckoned that motor racing is expensive ..try a Hollywood divorce.. Anyway enough Hollywood soap stuff .. lets go racing !